via Daily Prompt: Volume Although I am incredibly new to the daily word prompt, I quite like the idea of volume. Volume to me can come in different forms, like talking loud, getting your point across etc. Well my favourite way of speaking my volume is through my hair. If you don’t know already I’m […]

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  In order to find and appreciate the happiness in ourselves, we need to experience the terrible pain known as sadness. Sometimes we even have to leave a little of that pain there, so we always remember that event. But, people must remember that Happiness does not always come after sadness; although it seems it […]

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It’s not I can’t, it’s I won’t. Sometimes I’ll ask “Can i do this?” and I’ll think I can’t. But the truth is that I won’t. I understand if something’s in the way one time; but mostly, I have a choice; and I won’t take it. Maybe I’m scared or I feel lazy, but whatever it […]

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Christmas time.

So is Christmas in about a week or so, my birthday is on Christmas Eve so I guess that’s another thing to look forward to. is it? Is this Christmas that great? I mean with all that’s going on. Deaths are occurring. People are homeless living on the streets in the cold just waiting for […]

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