Boring things are important.

Right. So the other day I was sitting down and me being me,

Went into panic mode.

No, not about homework and no, not about chores or whatever. I was panicked about my future.

I was very confused. I mean, imagine sitting down then suddenly going into panic mode thinking

What am I doing with my life?

Will I be successful in what I do?

Will I be happy!? Oh GOD! 

First of all, do not worry about me. I get these all the time and I’ve learnt my way of dealing with it. But, this time I was even more deadly serious than I was before. What am I doing. I need to chose tests and exams I want to help me toward my future of hopeful success. But will I make the right choice? 

My parents tell me that I am smarter than them, and will defiantly make the right choice. But I am a teenager with no clue about life or success so of course I worry a lot still. I would love to become a hairdresser, forensic scientist or lawyer. But those career choices are very different from each other. So I went online for an answer. I went on to google and searched;

What do I do to gain success in life? 

This was a dumb idea. Of course Google was no help in the situation as the internet doesn’t always have the answer. So I had to turn to the only other option, My brain.

By that I mean I had to look for the answer myself, which honestly, I should have done in the first place. The only thing I could think of was school. But school is rubbish at the moment, and it’s boring as HELL. And this leads me back to the title of this post.

Boring things are important in life.

This can mean tiring, hard, stupid things but I have to remember they are still important! So I remember all the lessons I’ve taken, which ones I love the most, and which ones I can take and just lay back on. So I’ve thought carefully and I think I may have chosen what path i want.

So if you ever get those random moments where you’re lost on something just think carefully and you’ll make the right choice.

But hey, I’m only a teenage girl so I don’t know everything.

I hope you have  a nice rest of the day.

~That Girl On The Internet~


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