My Red Hoodie.

I’d never thought I’d do a post about this. But maybe one of you might feel the same as me…? I don’t know but let’s start anyway.

I have a red baggy hoodie that I love. No actually, adore. I adore this hoodie. I found it once in my wardrobe, and haven’t left it since. This hoodie is currently my life. 

For example, yesterday in another blog post I told you about my family’s car setting on fire. Also about when my dad came in angry and confused. When I first saw him like this, I thought I had done something wrong. So I grabbed the hoodie because I was scared. But it’s not just small situations like this, it’s others too.

One day I was going out to town; now I’m very insecure. I didn’t feel okay with outfit that day, and I needed something that I could wear to cover it up. I turned around and there I saw it, the red hoodie. I’d only worn it once, as I only found it a couple days ago. So I put it on and looked in the mirror.

It was perfect.

It’s size fell down to my knees so it covered my top, and I was only wearing black leggings. I turned around and I fell in love with it and wore it outside. I felt confident, like a different person completely.I Didn’t  realise I had put myself in a trap placed by, well, myself.

From then on I took that jumper everywhere with me, the only place I don’t take the hoodie to is school. The hoodie has become my safety blanket. I love it and I’ve become attached to it.

But here’s the problem.

I went to my nans the other day and left my hoodie in my mothers car.

She’s in Wales at the moment.

Now I’m stuck here with no hoodie. And I have to go out.

But I don’t even know if I have the courage.

It’s hard as hell. I’m freaking out. but there’s nothing I can do.

I need to teach myself to get used to new environments without a safety blanket. And if you’re the same as me, let’s get through this together. I’m going to go out without it, so wish me luck!

are you attached to anything?

Do you have the same problem as me?

Let me know!

Have a nice rest of the day!

~That Girl On The Internet~


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