So it’s autumn and we all know what that means…

PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES! Oh, and its halloween.

I am dressing up, but, not to go trick or treating.


Now going to a party is one of my nightmares, as I’m not a very social person. I feel very conflicted on wether i should go or not. Then again i can just walk home, its not like its a million miles away. It’s just that it will be very dark; along with all the drunk people waling back from pubs. Probably not a very safe environment to be in… At least where i live anyways. What i am looking forward to is my sisters birthday, she was born on the twenty-eighth of october whereas i was born the twenty-forth of December. A halloween baby and a christmas baby. Anyway, I look forward to her birthday as she is going to be turning 12 and she will be going bowling with her friends. Why i look forward to this? Because as much as she annoys me deep down to the core, i love seeing her happy. When she is moody, angry or upset she has a VERY rebellious attitude and its nice to see her happy for once. Of course i get these moods too, they are worse than hers. But i don’t think she feels the same way as i do when i see her happy.


Anyway, it is not just Halloween it’s autumn too. And I took a rather nice autumn walk today. Not with anyone just by myself. I walked for quite a long time and looking at the views was beautiful.

Here you can see my tatty looking shoes next to some leaves that had fallen from the tree. Don’t bother telling me that my shoes are ugly, cause I already know. But I was not bothered by my shoes as I was looking at all the photo opportunities I could take …


I never knew I could enjoy the color orange so much. This is also the reason I have changed my back ground to the blog. not only to put me and you guys in a n autumn mood but to also remind me that arrange is a beautiful colour. The second image out of that three is my favourite. I’m defiantly sure that I’m not the only one that can see that. But I’m going to stop myself there as I will just go on and on about the pictures I took.

Do you guys have any plans for halloween?

Let me know!

Have a nice rest of the day !

~That Girl On The Internet~


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