Gaining Motivation.

Hiya! A new month a new post, and possibly a new me…

In recent weeks I haven’t been feeling very confident with myself. Wether that be my body, my attitude and so on.  So I decided, instead of moaning and being annoyed about it, i’d do something to change it instead. First of all, as guessed, I wanted to feel body confident. This, I thought, also might help me with my attitude. I have been starting to work out more, sort out the way I look as sometimes I wouldn’t even bother. But it seemed as I began lets say, ‘fixing’ things about myself; more problems started to appear. I felt like my face looked ugly, I was getting fatter, my hair was just horrible. I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own body, after a while I just gave up.

I really needed motivation, and I couldn’t really find any to get me back up on my feet. But then the other day when i was browsing on GIPHY for another blog post that I am writing, and I decided ‘Hey, let’s look at motivational quotes’. I don’t know why I wanted to, I just did. Then i found these:

200-7 copy 200-9 copy

giphy-3 200-8 copy

A bit of a handful I know, but it really spoke to me. That perhaps I should try again. It’s interesting to think that I need to break in order to get back up again. No life is completely perfect, I understand that more now. So you take a look at those quotes yourself.

Sorry that this is a short post but i needed to get that out of my system.

Have a nice rest of the day!

~That Girl On The Internet~


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