Christmas time.

So is Christmas in about a week or so, my birthday is on Christmas Eve so I guess that’s another thing to look forward to.

is it?

Is this Christmas that great? I mean with all that’s going on. Deaths are occurring. People are homeless living on the streets in the cold just waiting for that day they can be saved. Isis caused trouble and we responded with trouble back, by blowing Syria up. Killing yes, guilty people but innocents too. People can’t afford a happy Christmas for their kids and families as all that money needs to go to bills, not even having enough for a decent meal, yet alone a Christmas feast. People are praying for all those in trouble, charities donate as much as they can but is it all enough? Can they help those with an unfortunate life? Maybe. But maybe means yes or no. A fifty fifty chance, it can be one or the other; or in the middle. But the middle means one part gets helped, just one part. Most kids love the idea of Christmas but what if they’re getting hit 24/7 and are lucky enough to get a meal. What are they expecting this Christmas? Think about this. I’m not feeling festive, and I’m not looking forward to Christmas. Which makes me selfish, why?

Because others would die to be where I am and in my place.


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