Let’s Chat: Writing My Speech.

So recently I had to write a speech on something I was passionate about, and it was supposed to persuade others that this thing should be banned, or rather, be put into room 101. This obviously meant, to my discomfort, that it had to be presented in front of the rest of the class. Now me and a few others tried to testify against this, but we failed, and still had to present it. But that was towards the end of the 5 week period that we had to do it in, so let me talk you through those stress causing, panicking and headache inducing weeks that I had to learn to deal with.

Week 1: week one was almost like a walk in the park, I didn’t have a concept yet, but I knew I had time to come up with one. I spent most of this week writing down persuasive techniques to use in my speech.

Week 2: I did nothing during this week, literally nothing.

Week 3: So the stress of me not being able to come up with a concept really settles in this week, I panic and just decide to do racism, and just manage to write an introduction (literally just because that way I can show I made progress.)

Week 4: So I read through my old racism speech, and panic. I really didn’t like the concept, so to me it was best to scrap it, so I did. But now I’m at a week before presenting, and I still don’t even have a concept. I look up other speeches online for any forms of inspiration and it’s only when a documentary comes on TV that I finally decide on what my speech should be about. Corruption. So I speed type my speech on a Sunday night from 11:00pm till 2:00am and I have a completed speech ready to present. Kinda.

Week 5: So I do end up performing it in front of the class, it was inevitable really. But I ended up doing really well and getting a lot of compliments on it. The panic and stress finally leave my body and I felt better than I ever had before.

Was it worth it? YES! I gained so much confidence from that one performance I fell like I could do it again in a heartbeat. Of course, that’s if I had too, I’m not doing it again for fun. I conquered a fear and I’m proud of myself for that, and I encourage you to do the same.

I’ll let you know my mark when I receive it!


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