How To Gain Body Confidence: A Guide From A Girl Who Has None.

Body Confidence is (probably) something you’ve struggled with at one point in your life, or if you’re like me, its something that pops up at different point in your life for different reasons; whether that’s someone commenting on your body or your own mind messing with you. But as I am someone who does deal with body confidence issues on a day to day basis, here are my top 3 tips (that worked for me) for bringing yourself up.

1: Finding out what you don’t like.

Standing and looking at yourself in a mirror can be kind of daunting, but it’s one of those things that you just need to step over or at least acknowledge. Looking at yourself as a whole can be quite redeeming, or even help you conquer body issues. Of course, don’t start looking for stuff on yourself to hate, try and focus on positives which I know can be hard, but allowing yourself to get over that obstacle in your life can be very fulfilling.

2: Alone Time.

Being alone really allows yourself to collect your own thoughts and feelings. Listen to music, think about yourself and find a place where you can relax and not have to worry about anything. Maybe even get out of your town/city. This may not get rid of body confidence issues, but it does allow you to work on yourself mentally.

3: Being with family and friends.

As much as being by yourself helps, talking to others always helps too. Finding comfort within friends and family always feels great, and they might be able to relate to you. Finding someone to talk and bond with is not only key to a good relationship with that person but makes yourself happy too.

So these tips weren’t really to help you get rid of issues that you have with yourself, as if there is a problem that you don’t like with yourself, its up too you the route you take to fix it. So there they are my three tips to help bring yourself up from body confidence issues. Try not to fully take in other peoples comments about yourself, focus on yourself and your own feelings.

Thanks for reading,

~That Girl On The Internet~


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