via Daily Prompt: Volume

Although I am incredibly new to the daily word prompt, I quite like the idea of volume. Volume to me can come in different forms, like talking loud, getting your point across etc. Well my favourite way of speaking my volume is through my hair.

If you don’t know already I’m mixed, white with black African (getting into specifics, Zimbabwe), and I have curly hair (type 3c to be exact, look it up). When I was younger I used to do all sorts with my hair, plait it, tie it up, leave it natural, straighten it, spray it with different colours (all hairstyles thanks to my Mum, Nan or Auntie). But then as I grew up I lost touch with it. When I got into secondary school, from year 7 to about year 9, I did the same sort of hairstyles with my hair. In year 7 it wasn’t so bad, I wore my hair natural often, with the occasional switch up but then after that I tied my hair up, and never seemed to take it down. I didn’t do anything with my hair anymore and I lost my touch, much to my Nanna’s dismay. She loved it when I wore my hair natural, had my curls out for everyone to look at. She said ‘it speaks volumes when you have it down’. Of course at that point in time I didn’t take much from what she said, I was too unmotivated to do my hair, I was scared of being judged for the way I wore it. But recently I ended up thinking why don’t I do anything with my hair anymore? My hair does speak in its own way, so why wouldn’t I let it have its say? My hair did and does speak volumes, so let’s set it free. Since then I’ve been styling my hair, I’ve worn it in all sorts of ways, and surprisingly its lifted my mood higher than it’s ever been before. I love my hair, and I realise how much it really means to me now, and I encourage others to do the same. Find your way of speaking volumes.

So there it is, that’s how I speak volumes with my hair. How do you speak volumes? let me know i am extremely curious!

Thanks for reading,

~That Girl On The Internet~

PS: I also have a beauty blog! check it out! http://thatlifestyleblogger.wixsite.com/thatbeautyblog



4 thoughts on “VOLUME

  1. I speak volumes through my hair too. Wearing your natural hair says something striking to the people around you, especially when they don’t see people with that hair type a lot. I love being able to say something without having to physically speak. Shows how much power we all have inside us.

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