So I was casually browsing through youtube the other day when I came across Jay-Z’s song ‘The Story Of O.J’ which was amazing. But, the thing I couldn’t help but notice was the sample behind it, which I knew was ‘Four Women’ by Nina Simone. And well after that, I went on a full on binge listen to Soul music. I went from Ray Charles, to Aretha Franklin, to Stevie Wonder, to Etta James and of course James Brown. There’s so many names I know to do with soul now, but I don’t want to list all of them as I’m afraid ill bore you. But after looking up and researching all these names and realising how much they’ve influenced our music today is absolutely amazing; and I highly recommend that you go listen to the ‘Feeling Good’ playlist on Spotify, which although doesn’t actually feature ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone (please listen to that also) is just as good with all the combinations of songs. This is gonna be a short post I guess, but I think it’s one worth noting. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to learn some piano so I can play some of these songs. I have a new found love for soul.



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