It’s not I can’t, it’s I won’t. Sometimes I’ll ask “Can i do this?” and I’ll think I can’t. But the truth is that I won’t. I understand if something’s in the way one time; but mostly, I have a choice; and I won’t take it. Maybe I’m scared or I feel lazy, but whatever it […]

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Christmas time.

So is Christmas in about a week or so, my birthday is on Christmas Eve so I guess that’s another thing to look forward to. is it? Is this Christmas that great? I mean with all that’s going on. Deaths are occurring. People are homeless living on the streets in the cold just waiting for […]

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Gaining Motivation.

Hiya! A new month a new post, and possibly a new me… In recent weeks I haven’t been feeling very confident with myself. Wether that be my body, my attitude and so on.  So I decided, instead of moaning and being annoyed about it, i’d do something to change it instead. First of all, as […]

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So it’s autumn and we all know what that means… PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES! Oh, and its halloween. I am dressing up, but, not to go trick or treating. I’M GOING TO A PARTY. Now going to a party is one of my nightmares, as I’m not a very social person. I feel very conflicted on […]


My Red Hoodie.

I’d never thought I’d do a post about this. But maybe one of you might feel the same as me…? I don’t know but let’s start anyway. I have a red baggy hoodie that I love. No actually, adore. I adore this hoodie. I found it once in my wardrobe, and haven’t left it since. […]

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My Crazy Summer.

So it’s time to say goodbye to the fresh green leaves, ice lollies and the summer holidays; and say hello to Autumn. But before we move onto Autumn, I have a few stories id like to tell about my crazy summer.  Let’s start at the summer holidays. Of course I was looking forward to them, […]

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